Welcome to the third issue of the Asimio Tech Java Newsletter.

Enjoy reading this interesting and variety of topics …


New from my blog since last newsletter

Continuing with the Spring Cloud Series, I recently published a post covering:
Centralized and Versioned Configuration using Spring Cloud Config Server and Git [tech.asimio.net]

Another recently published post from my blog about Spring Boot and Tomcat:
Configuring Tomcat to listen on multiple ports with Spring Boot [tech.asimio.net]

From the web

An interesting discussion about Microservices, Self-Contained-Systems, Bounded Context, APIs and more:
Evolving Distributed Systems [olivergierke.de]

A slideshare covering Spring Cloud:
Building Cloud Native Architectures with Spring [slideshare.net]


This is a course I have taken and highly recommend if you are starting or would like to learn about developing Microservices using Spring Cloud.

This course is Udemy’s Bestselling in Spring Boot.


Arun Gupta’s talk about:
Kubernetes for Java developers [youtube.com]

A SpringOne Platform 2016 Replay:
Testing Spring Boot Applications developers [spring.io]

This presentation covers agile database refactoring using embedded Liquibase change sets within a Spring Boot application:
No Outage Database Development with Spring Boot and Liquibase [infoq.com]


A podcast about building tools for Microservices:
Microservices with Rafi Schloming [softwareengineeringdaily.com]

A podcast about evolving technology, the challenges of microservices and more:
Monoliths and Microservices Schloming [thecloudcast.net]