This is the second installment of the Asimio Tech Java Newsletter. It has been a while but this is a very interesting selection of posts and podcasts to share.

Enjoy reading them …


My blog post about Microservices Registration and Discovery using Spring Cloud, Eureka, Ribbon and Feign:
Services registration and discovery using Spring Cloud Netflix Eureka Server and client-side load-balancing using Ribbon and Feign []

JAXenter has reposted my blog post about Integration Testing using Spring Boot, Postgres and Docker:
Integration testing using Spring Boot, Postgres and Docker []

A nice mini-series about RxJava:
RxJava - Part 1 - A Quick Introduction []

RxJava - Part 2 - Creating an Observable []

RxJava - Part 3 - Multithreading []

A write-up about how to use Hystrix to accomplish Microservices resiliency:
Resiliency in Microservices []


This is a course I have taken and highly recommend if you are starting or would like to learn about developing Microservices using Spring Cloud.

This course is Udemy’s Bestselling in Spring Boot.


A presentation about the challenges Dish faced when converting legacy services to cloud native applications:
Modernizing the Legacy - How Dish is Adapting Its SOA Services for a Cloud First Future []


A podcast about Netflix’s cloud native scheduling system built on top of Apache Mesos:
Netflix Scheduling with Sharma Podila []