This is the first installment of the Asimio Tech Java Newsletter which I plan to add new issues to twice a month, as I read and bookmark interesting blog posts as well as publishing my own ones on this site.

Hopefully you will also find them compelling, enjoy …


My last blog post about using Spring Boot and Docker for writing and running integration tests:
Integration Testing using Spring Boot, Postgres and Docker []

A blog post about the challenges LinkedIn faced when writing and running Integration Tests for project Voldemort and a better approach taken for Venice, another LinkedIn project:
Writing Maintainable Integration Tests []

A nice and short write-up about building Microservices using some of the components included in Spring Cloud:
Microservice Architectures With Spring Cloud and Docker []

Historically software architecture has been difficult to anticipate and expensive to modernize, this blog post describes how Microservices fits into the evolutionary architecture design (also available via podcast):
Microservices as an Evolutionary Architecture []

A refreshing read about Software Testing:
Functional Testing With Internal And External Mocks []


This is a course I have taken and highly recommend if you are starting or would like to learn about developing Microservices using Spring Cloud.

This is a book I decided to start reading based on reviews and recommendation that is included in Oracle’s subscription to Safari.


An introduction about some of the services / components included in Spring Cloud such as Config server, Discovery server and Hystrix:
Cloud Native Java with Spring Cloud Services []

Concepts, definitions, descriptions:
The Joy of Microservices []


An interesting and controversial podcast about how engineers could leave corporate jobs and build something on their own as a career path (also available via podcast):
You are not a commodity []

A follow up on previous controversial podcast You are not a commodity (also available via podcast):
Commodity Discussion with Preethi Kasireddy []